Photography Contest

Getxophoto: Open Call 2020

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Theme |

To the streets!

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Open to all

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20 per project

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The street has taken on a fundamental role in the contemporary global society. The public space -both physical and online- lives in constant resistance to its privatization and homogenization by trying to maintain a place where to meet, play, propose, protest and debate ideas that respond to the multiple challenges and concerns we face today. Communities displaced by key issues such as the consequences of climate emergency, local and global political conflicts, economic crisis' and identity struggles coincide in the public space. At the same time, the streets are claimed as the essential place to generate new relationships and provoke new cultural and social possibilities.

We want to explore the online and physical public space as an updated place of protest, as an area to be reclaimed by marginalised people, as a place of encounter and mutual recognition, and as a field for experimentation, play and celebration.

GETXOPHOTO is a festival which, on its 14 years of trajectory, has approached universal matters for the inhabitants of Getxo and multiple visitors to explore and reflect them through non conventional exhibitions and installations. That's why we invite artists from all over the world to participate in this open call with proposals using photography, video, installation, performance, actions, digital art or any other way of visual expression.

All those shortlisted will be published on March 9. The three winners will (if the jury finds it convenient, the number of winners may be increased) be announced on March 12 and their work will be exhibited during the Festival, which runs from September 2nd to 27th, 2020. GETXOPHOTO will assume the exhibition expenses and it will be designed under the criteria of the curator of GETXOPHOTO International Image Festival in agreement with the artists.