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Primordial Feeling

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Primordial Feeling

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Open to all

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We are seeking an amazing photographer to be awarded our inaugural 2020 C/HA Artist Award, and be produced/exhibited for free in our gallery between Jun 19 - Jul 26, 2020.
Submit your best work expressing your view/perspective of what primordial feeling means to you: ie. first in order; existing from the beginning; in a rudimentary state; firstly formed; first principle/element (from Latin: primus = first, ordo = order.)
Selected works from all the submissions received will also be also published in our inaugural photography magazine 'Cornel/Henry Sees' in the Summer of 2020.
This exhibition is open to all photographic styles and techniques. Please submit work via the from below, 10 jpegs sized to 72dpi and 1500px on the longest side (not to exceed 1MB in size), with a reduced $15 entry fee ($30 starting Feb 1, 2020.)