Photography Contest

Black, Blue & White

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Black, Blue & White

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open to all

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Artists who would like to offer their own photographic artworks with understand and agree to the following: 1) The images presented are the Artist's, the Artist made them, and owns all related rights. 2) The image listed in will not be offered for less than the retail price listed -- online, or anywhere else for 120 days minimum. 3) The Artist agrees not to upload any photograph more than once in our system. 4) The Artist agrees to have only one account on our system, and to make the account in their proper legal name (in the name we would pay you). 5) Only the actual creators of the works are allowed to upload into our system. No agents, representatives, galleries, dealers, friends, or others can submit works of an artist. 6) The Artist agrees to have an archival print made, sign the print with an appropriate archival pencil or pen, package very securely and send to Duncan Miller Gallery's location in Santa Monica within two weeks upon any print order. It is expected the print will arrive in perfect condition. 7) If sells your print, they will pay you a standard 50% of the retail price, within 45 days of your delivery of the print. Be sure to send us an invoice with your correct address details for prompt check payment. If you are outside the U.S., advise us how you would like to be paid, PayPal or wire transfer. 8) You are responsible for safely packing and shipping your print to the gallery (Duncan Miller Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave #A7, Santa Monica CA 90404) at your expense. will only ask for a print if a sale is made. 9) The gallery typically offers all collectors a 5-day return policy. Should a sale be reversed, the print will be returned to the Artist.