Photography Contest

Mercy of the Moon

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mercy of the moon

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Submissions are open to all photographers both professional and amateur working in all photographic mediums and styles. International entries are welcomed. Work that has been previously exhibited at A Smith Gallery is not eligible.

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$38/5 images

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He rode in an elevator with Donald Fagen in Miami, in January. The lyric played, crisp, perfect, through the radio in his memory.

"Learn to work the saxophone," repeated itself over and over in his head as the elevator moved to the seventeenth floor.

"Thanks," he said as Donald Fagan exited the elevator. Fagan stopped and turned, raised his dark glasses, blinked both eyes, then moved on.

"The full moon was on January the thirty-first and I was in Miami on an elevator with Donald Fagan," he said.

"Were you in love?" she asked.

"Well, ha, yes. If you would have seen him, standing there, the full moon big and gold, orange in the mirrored wall behind him, he stood there for just a second or two. Yeah, you never really lose or forget your first loves, even if they only exist in song,'' he said.

"I believe you. Mine was a moon pie," she said.

"Food doesn't count. You can eat something at five and then at thirty and it tastes the same," he said, "really good music ripens as you age," he said.

"Really," she said, "you haven't been paying attention."

"Do you think they have moon pies over at the store?" he asked.

"And RC Cola?" she said..." From "The Moon Stories" By Franklin Cincinnatus

A song, "Mercy of the Moon" by our friend Al Staehely was the inspiration for this call for entry. Thanks Al. To hear the song, click here.

JUROR: Kevin Tully will be the juror for "mercy of the moon". Along with being the co-director of A Smith Gallery, he is a curator, photographer, writer and painter.