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Constellations Intermediterranean Gazes call for artistic residences

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migration and border issues

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The festival is open to any photographer regardless of age, nationality, or condition. Collective projects are accepted

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Artist in Residence

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Constellations Intermediterranean Gazes is a program of artistic residencies, cultural dissemination, and Euro regional territorial cooperation that aims to stimulate the exchange and projection of young emerging artists living in the Catalan, Occitan,and Balearic territories through the creation of photography and audiovisual projects that dialogue on migration and border issues within the Mediterranean context. The program is led by FotoLimo Festival (located on the Franco-Catalan border) incollaboration with the associations Es Far Cultural (Menorca), Lumire d'Encre (Ceret), Jiser (Barcelona), and with the support of the Euroregion Pyrenees Mediterranean.

From the Roman limes to today's globalized world, borders may simultaneously play the role of bridge and barrier. Wanderings, nomadisms, pilgrimages, invasions, exiles, and colonization have turned the history of mankind into a history of migrations. Nowadays,the migration phenomena continue its course in its most tragic version. According tothe International Organization for Migration (IOM), the year 2019 ended with more than 1,200 migrants dying in the Mediterranean Sea and 110,000 arrivals to Europe,which is the sixth consecutive year of massive arrivals.

Convinced of the role of the image as a vehicle for transformation, Constellationswants to support and promote emerging young creation by providing a space for reflection as it imagines, creates, and enriches itself with new forms of cultural hybridization. Through a format of artistic residencies, virtual meetings, traveling exhibitions, and cultural actions, the project aims to help create bridges between the various identities and territories that make up the Euroregion, establishing new points of reflection that have emerged through the artistic and cultural exchange in terms of migration and borders. Constellations also want to promote the virtual format as a normalizing fact in the current context of the health crisis