Photography Contest

Natural Landscape Photography Awards

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Natural Landscape

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Open to all

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$40 for 6 images

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Cash Prize
The competition aims to represent landscape photographers who recognize the power that comes from truthful depiction of the natural world. Whilst other competitions may allow complete freedom in digital manipulation, this competition is for photographers who choose to work within the more traditional bounds of the medium, while still expressing themselves creatively. It addresses the idea that the unique quality photography has over other artistic mediums is its grounding in reality. The competition showcases the skill of these photographers in revealing the wonder of the natural landscape.

One of the most powerful aspects of a great landscape photograph is its ability to transport the viewer to relive a moment in time, distant location, or smaller scene, through the eyes of the photographer. This helps the viewer to engage with the subject matter, understand the relationships the photographer wanted to express, and allow photographs to support the case for conservation.

By constraining our photographs to represent the natural world in a truthful manner, we create trust in our artform's unique position to pair real experiences with artistic creation. This does not preclude the use of editing tools such as Photoshop which, when used sensitively, can enhance the viewer's experience without misleading them.

Prize pool – Natural Landscape Photographer of the Year: First Place: Cash Prize of US $5,000. Second Place: Cash Prize of US $1,000. Natural Landscape Photograph of the Year: Cash Prize of US $1,000. Youth Photographer of the Year: Cash Prize of US $500. Grand Landscape Award: Cash Prize of US $500. Intimate & Abstract Award: Cash Prize of US $500. Nightscape Award: Cash Prize of US $500. Aerial Award: Cash Prize of US $500. Project of the Year: Cash Prize of US $1,000 will be awarded to the Project of the Year. Cash Prize of US $500 will be awarded to the Project of the Year Runner-up.