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Felifa International Photobook Award

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Photo book

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Open to all

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MANIFESTO A photobook is the result of the work of an editorial team. A photographic project, in order to become a book, must go through the stages of conceptualization, sequencing, graphic design, printing and graphic production. All these stages build what we understand as a good editorial process. It takes time, teamwork, dialogue, sacrifice and finally the most complex act of all: publication.

The FELIFA International Photobook Award seeks to highlight these stages and to analyze them individually. Explaining their importance and trying to elucidate how this system of parts can work towards a good result.

The books that will be chosen are those that better reflect each of the following categories:


BEST PHOTOBOOK: one that puts the three categories working together in pursuit of the photographic project, generating a book that reflects a balanced participation of all the aspects.

Up to 6 finalists will be selected per category and then 1 winner per each. After the awards ceremony, which will take place during FELIFA 2021, where all the participating books will be shown, there will be a traveling exhibition where both the finalist books and the award-winning books will be shown. The exhibition will analyze each stage in detail, using the finalists and winning books as examples for this study. The exhibition will be inaugurated during the first half of 2022 in Buenos Aires and will then travel to other partner institutions in Latin America including Brazil, Uruguay and Cuba.

It will be an exhibition/installation of dismembered books. Disassemble to reassemble and, thus, try to explain and understand how a good editorial work is done.