Photography Contest

Night Life

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Night Life

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All photographers are welcome to take part and the theme can be responded to playfully, or to the letter.

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Between $20 and $100

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Cash Prize
The sweet delight of an endless night. This month we are looking for images inspired by the night – in a literal or abstract way. From hazy dreams to harsh realities. From deserted backstreets to the glitz and glamor of a sleepless city. Neon lights and foreboding shadows. Show us darkness, the underworld, the hidden.

Urban street scenes, portraits, documentary, landscapes, editorial, conceptual, still life… New images or from your archives. Show us life at night!

Kevin Cooley is a highly revered conceptual photographer and installation artist whose work examines our evolving relationship with nature and technology and, in his own words, the struggles of inhabiting a planet we are slowly destroying. Shooting much of his work at night, he plays with the elemental forces of fire, air and water to create powerful imagery that is as beautiful as it is rich with metaphor. In Controlled Burns he photographs plumes of black and white smoke as a response to our era of binary opposition, in Take Refuge he captures the glow of red flares in desolate landscapes to examine our obsession with conquering the natural world, and in Still Burning – his most personal and political work to date – he finds an abject beauty in the La Tuna Canyon Fire in California which almost destroyed his home, studio and photographic archive.

Cooley’s work is held in public collections at The Guggenheim, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Museum of Photographic Arts, and The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and he has received commissions from a range of leading publications including The New Yorker, The NYT Magazine, Wired and Harper’s Magazine.