Photography Contest

PX3 The State of the World

PX3 The State of the World

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The State of the World

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Open to all

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$30/single $50/series

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The photography competition already renowned in the Paris art community is now opening for its 2022 edition to discover the most talented photographers from around the globe and give them a chance to show us their witness accounts of the world.

Prix de la Photographie, Paris entrants will compete for international recognition as the "Photographer of the Year" and "Best New Talent of the Year", receiving a $5,000 and $2,000 cash prize respectively, and having their work shown in Paris at the annual exhibition later in the year. Professional category winners will each receive a $500 cash prize, while Non-Professional category winners will get a $250 prize.

Photographers are asked to submit their works and provide a unique perspective in the following categories: Advertising, Architecture, Book, Fine Art, Nature, Portraiture, Press and Special. The jury, comprised by leading editors, photographers, curators and well-established artists, will be on the lookout for those photographers that bring something new to the table with their out-of-the-box thinking and ability to capture rare moments on camera.

The State of the World special competition is also open to photographers who who want to share uncensored stories from around the world - 30 images will be chosen into the curatorial selection and winners will each be awarded a $200 cash prize. The mission of the special competition is to show the raw, unadulterated truth of what is going